The Four Cornerstones of a Good Relationship

Since launching Sheil Entertainment Agency in 2011, Susie and her team have carefully nurtured the booking agency roster, growing it slowly but surely, personally selecting the artists and working with them closely and collaboratively.

With now over 120 Acts on our books we present the largest smorgasbord of truly talented people in Ireland and are incredibly proud to work so closely with these eclectic, artistic and creative artists.

2018 was one of our busiest years yet for the booking agency with over 120 artist engagements, performances and collaborations. We are growing from strength to strength, engaging the best Ireland has to offer, keeping one eye on the ever-developing cultural scene and the other on the needs of our clients and emerging industry trends.

Rapport, respect, trust and appreciation are the cornerstones of any good, strong and long-lasting relationship - and our agency is run on this same belief. We know our artists, we accompany them to events, we collaborate and create together, always delivering with authenticity and sense of occasion.

We caught up with three of our acts recently - a Dublin Rock Band, a very groovy DJ and a Traditional Irish Trio! - and here’s what they had to say about working with us here at S.E.A.


joshua tree.jpg

S.E.A. took us to another level in 2011 when Susie invited us to join her roster .Over the years  we have had the pleasure to play alongside the very best in Irish talent on many of S.E.A.’s collaborative productions in Ireland, but the team have also secured Headline bookings for us in Europe, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates and  Iceland,  to name a few! S.E.A.'s attitude, professionalism and experience shines through; it rubs off all of us to give the best performance on the night.There is an expectation for us to do the job and keeps us on our toes!!  We love to bring the 'Rock n Roll' to SEA's clients and SEA gives us the platform for us to give it our best.  S.E.A. represents The Joshua Tree in a way we trust and value - and we have great craic along the way!   

claire beck.jpg

Working with S.E.A. is such a pleasure. On the business side of things, they are totally professional. They have high standards and expect the same in return, which I love. Susie has this incredible talent for having a complete vision and putting it together. I would never have thought of pairing with Aisling [Ennis] but now we have Electric Blu. Audiences love it and we're having so much fun working creatively in a new way together. But more importantly than that, the team are friendly, kind, and truly care about both the clients and the acts. It makes a huge difference to feel valued instead of just turning up to a gig.


S.E.A. have been very easy to work with over the last ten years, they have a well-deserved reputation for excellence in the industry and have set the standard for entertainment companies in Ireland. As performers arriving onsite we are always confident of a great, enjoyable and well organised event, giving us the ability to focus on our job! A warm atmosphere is always guaranteed from the energetic S.E.A. team and their attention to detail and sensitivity to their clients’ desires is evident at all times.

What really sets them apart is their creative flair and original ideas, challenging us every time to be the best we can be.